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Our Top Tips for Mix and Matching your Bridesmaid Dresses

By April 26, 2018 Uncategorized

We are seeing an increasing trend for people looking for Bridesmaid Dresses in Dublin, looking to mix and match their bridesmaid dresses in Dublin and we love the look! Not only is this a fresh and modern trend but you can ensure all your bridesmaids look fab in their individual dresses! Let’s be honestly- one bridesmaid dress to suit 6 body shapes can be hard to find!!

Here are some ideas and tips to ensure your bridesmaid dresses look like a perfectly synched collection and not end a mis– matched mess!

1. Choose a Colour Pallet

bridesmaid dresses

Our number 1 tip is to ensure you choose a colour pallet that works together as a collection. You can pick one colour or else a few colours that go but DO NOT tell your bridesmaids to pick whatever colour bridesmaid dresses they want encase they clash on the day!

2. Similar Bridesmaid Dresses with Different Silhouettes

bridesmaid dresses

Lots of bridesmaid collections offer dresses in the same colour and texture but with entirely unique silhouettes. Our Watter’s collection is great for this as you can choose from loads of different styles using the same material so you have a gorg collection of bridesmaid dresses at the end!

3. Bridesmaid Dresses with Texture

bridesmaid dresses in dublin

Texture is often used for mix & match bridesmaids’ dresses, but most keep it simple with fabrics like chiffon or a jersey blend. Think outside the box for something different; laser-cut lace, crochet, silk slips, chic scuba, brocade, sequinned, or tulle!

4. The same bridesmaid dress in different colour

bridesmaid dresses in dublin

A great way of giving each girl her own look without having to double (or triple!) your dress search, is to give them the same dress in different colours – especially handy if you’re trying to pick a colour to suit a blonde, a brunette and a red head!


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