How does Starla work?

Starla is a high-end dress rental and dress sales boutique in Dublin. You can rent fab designer dresses at a fraction of the retail price or buy the best bandage dresses in town!

Typically as a customer you will meet with us in advance of an upcoming event. We will spend a bit of time with you to get a feel for the event, what you have in mind to wear and your personal style. We’ll check the date of your event in the system and only show you the items we have available. We’ll then set about creating a look you love. Once you have decided on something we’ll book it for the dates required. The typical rental period is for 3 days, however if you need an item for longer we may be able to accommodate you (an additional fee may apply). We take a 50% deposit to secure the booking and the balance is paid upon collection. Dry-cleaning is included in the rental price and we look after this. You simply have to drop the items back to us after the event!

We also sell accessories – jewellery, handbags, headpieces and fur shrugs – so your outfit can be completed in store! Starla Dress Rental is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re looking for black-tie dresses, debs dresses, dresses for weddings, bridesmaid dresses – even wedding dresses – cocktail dresses or an exciting party dress we cater for all occasions!

How much does it cost to rent a dress?

We try to offer our customers the best possible price when they rent a dress. Prices start from €50 and range to €200. This cost is based on 3 days, including dry-cleaning.

How much does it cost to buy a dress?

We try to offer the best possible value for our party dresses so anywhere from €60-€130.

How long can I keep a dress for?

All dress rentals are for a 3 day hire. We ask that you return the dress by lunchtime on the return date. If you wish to rent a garment for a longer period, that too may be possible and we will try to assist you wherever possible.

Do I need to dry-clean a garment before I return it?

No. Simply drop it back to us and we’ll look after it. Dry-cleaning is included with all rentals. All items will be dry-cleaned before and after each rental.

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

Don’t panic! We would like to think that all our customers would treat the dresses as their own. We understand that some wear and tear may occur. If you damage the dress please contact us straight away. Our dry cleaner and seamstress can take care of most minor damage at a small fee. However if a dress is damaged beyond repair, it will be looked into, before informing you of any required next steps or payments. The same applies for loss or theft. A credit card number is taken with each rental for security.We reserve the right to handle each incident on a per case basis. Please note a Terms & Conditions Form must be signed by our customers before each rental.

Do you carry out alterations?

Yes, we carry out a host of temporary alterations to ensure each garment fit is just right for you. No additional charge applies for minor alteration, but there is a small additional fee for hem adjustment and garment re-modelling.

Do you deliver?

Yes we operate a door-to-door delivery service throughout the country at a small additional cost. Delivery within Co. Dublin is €10, and cost ranges from €15- €20 throughout the country.

How far in advance of an event should I make a booking?

Many customers book their dress rental months in advance of an event, some book a few weeks prior and some even visit on the day of the event in a panic!

We usually advise customers to come in at least a month before the event to start looking at the collection and to get ideas. If you fall for a piece it’s best to book it ASAP and secure it for your required date. A 50% deposit is taken upon booking and the remaining 50% is due upon collection.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

If for whatever reason you must cancel a booking we will credit your account for the amount of the booking deposit paid. Credit does not have an expiry date and may be used for your next visit. Alternatively we can issue credit by way of gift card to pass on to a friend. Should you be in a situation where you have to cancel a booking we would be grateful if you could give us immediate notification.

Can I buy a dress if I fall in love with it?

If you’ve fallen in love with a dress let us know and we can discuss the possibility of selling the dress. Sometimes we are in a position where we may be able to part with a piece or contact the designer with a view to getting you one of your very own. Alternatively our end of season sales are a great opportunity to steal a deal!

What happens if I return a dress late?

We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you might be running late returning a dress. To ensure this does not affect another customer we would ask you to call us right away should you find yourself in this position. We’ll always try to help! Should a garment be returned late without contact or warning a fee of 25% of the original rental charge is incurred for each late day.

Do you purchase from customers?

If you have a designer item in excellent condition that you are looking to sell we can certainly have a look and see if it would be suitable for Starla.

Do you have two copies of any styles?

Yes we try to get in each style in different sizes so that we can accommodate all shapes and sizes!

We also keep track of the dresses going out so don’t worry about arriving at an event in the same dress as someone else – we won’t let this happen.

I would like to rent for my bridesmaids dresses- do you have the same styles in different sizes?

Depending on the dress it is a possibility that we do. However we can work with you once you’ve decided that you would like to rent and order in your bridesmaids dresses. We would ask that you contact us as soon in advance as possible as it can take a few months to get the desired dresses in stock.

What if someone else ruins a dress I have booked beyond repair previous to my rental date?

Thankfully such a scenario is yet to happen, however we are realistic about the business model and some day we may unfortunately be faced with such a predicament. In such an instance we would endeavour to get a duplicate dress immediately from the designer. Should this not be possible we would have to contact you immediately and offer you your choice of any alternative dress, regardless of cost, complimentary or a full refund.

What condition are the dresses in?

We take enormous pride in the condition of our garments. We work with specialist dry-cleaners and have a dedicated team to focus on consistent garment care, repair and upkeep. All garments are specialist cleaned before and after use and each item is specifically checked before each rental so any missing beading or loose threads are repaired. We maintain our collection in new or nearly new condition. For this reason we host sales to regularly replenish stock.

Do you only carry dresses?

In addition to a vast selection of day dresses, party dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dresses and evening dresses we also carry a selection of jewellery, handbags and headpieces, fur, and offer head to toe styling.

How do I make a booking?

We accept all credit cards and laser cards. It’s also possible to book via phone or email. If we’ve spent some time with you in-store we’ll make a note of your favourites on a card for you, so if you’re not ready to book there and then you can always call us later to book over the phone. We take a 50% deposit upon booking and the balance is paid upon collection. However, we can be very busy so if you fall for something it is advised to ensure the booking as soon as possible. Should you come in closer to your event and find a dress you prefer we will try to switch the booking.

If I want a dress you have now but my event is not for a long time how do I know it will still be there?

Once you have booked a dress for a future event it is our obligation to ensure that dress is ready and waiting for you for the date booked and in good condition. Each dress is closely monitored with only a certain amount of bookings permitted.

Can I request a dress that is not featured on your site?

If you are looking for a particular dress which is not currently part of our collection, please contact us and we will try our best to source the dress for you.